Thursday, January 31, 2013

We went to the wildlife park

Last week was the last of the school holidays, we had an outing to the wildlife park, about 40 mins drive outside of Darwin. One of the highlights is always the talk at the flight deck, where you get to see hand reared birds of prey (and more) at close quarters. It's always great to go in the wet season when there are not many tourists about!! At the flight deck there was only us and a couple from interstate. (with a fancy camera with a big zoom lens) I clicked away on my little basic model and did get some decent shots.

 Buzzard that cracks open emu eggs with a rock. In this photo bringing back pieces of shell to the keeper!

 Barn owl

It was a windy day which put the Jabiru off its game - it hid in the bushes for a while and then wandered around on the wrong side of the fence!!
This week it's back to work and back to school, settling back into old routines and getting used to some new ones!!
Best wishes to you...

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