Friday, February 28, 2014

Walk 5/48 Rapid Creek

On Sunday morning I walked down the hill to the little red bridge that crosses Rapid Creek - from there I usually take a walk round the park (especially when the kids were younger it was a regular trip). But on Sunday I walked along the path beside the creek - it has a rural feel with a couple of horses and cows in the paddocks along there - tho they were hiding on Sunday morning!! Maybe I'll get some photos of them next time.

I do love my regular walk by the beach, but I've decided to challenge myself to take my camera on a different walk at least once a month through the 48 walks project...

Monday, February 24, 2014

from life

So it seems that the things I'm doing in life are the things that turn up in my artwork - drinking tea...
flags/hangings in progress
pottering in the garden, or bringing pots in from the garden to draw...

this tiny one inspired by Alison's umbrella from 48 walks

Cups of tea turns out to be a good thing!! as the first members show of the year at Tactile Arts is themed 'the art of tea' and will coincide with the Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser - more info on this closer to the time April I think!

The next exhibition that I need to get working on has an animal theme, so I need to start paying attention to animals...dogs down at the beach, horses in the paddock near the creek, my own cat like a tiger in our jungly garden, and of course birds everywhere. Perhaps to choose my walks with that subject in mind, perhaps to get my sketchbook out more often.

Hope you're having a great week, best wishes!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

walk 4/48

Better late than never, here are a couple of shots from my regular walk down the beach last weekend.

a collection of odd thongs on the fence!

a new view, where a derelict house has recently been knocked down, will be interesting to see what will be built here.

It's lovely to be part of the 48 walks project, there was a wonderful post on facebook last week, which reminded me not to take my mobility for granted, and what a joy it is to be able to take these walks.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Start now!

I think my motto this year should be 'don't panic'.
It's taking a while to get used to my new job, and some days I'd like to run back to the old one where I felt comfortable (after 19 years!). I've also been beating myself up about not getting any painting done with my extra day at home - although I know the school hols always throws a spanner in the works - the last two Mondays I've got all the gear out, paints and canvases, sketch books and art books for inspiration...and then sat there for half an hour or more before I could overcome the inertia, the fear and put paint to canvas. So here they are, small ones, but at least a start!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

walk 3/48 and a journal page

Walk 3 is a conglomeration of 2 walks!
Last weekend the new moon brought super high tides, we've also had a ton of rain, so on Saturday after dinner I ducked down to the beach to see how high, and was there any flooding... Well the tide was high, waves were flying over the edge and across the footpaths, half of Darwin was there to look...daring teenagers were standing near the edge and getting soaked, lots of people taking photos and lots of families walking... a real festival atmosphere!

Of course I didn't take my camera with me, so I went back on Monday morning and took a few shots.

and also did this unfinished journal page!