Monday, February 24, 2014

from life

So it seems that the things I'm doing in life are the things that turn up in my artwork - drinking tea...
flags/hangings in progress
pottering in the garden, or bringing pots in from the garden to draw...

this tiny one inspired by Alison's umbrella from 48 walks

Cups of tea turns out to be a good thing!! as the first members show of the year at Tactile Arts is themed 'the art of tea' and will coincide with the Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser - more info on this closer to the time April I think!

The next exhibition that I need to get working on has an animal theme, so I need to start paying attention to animals...dogs down at the beach, horses in the paddock near the creek, my own cat like a tiger in our jungly garden, and of course birds everywhere. Perhaps to choose my walks with that subject in mind, perhaps to get my sketchbook out more often.

Hope you're having a great week, best wishes!!

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  1. loving your art! great to find you! i would click follow but silly blogger has a fsault on the google friends connect so i am going to add you to my feedly until its fixed. have to say how super brave you are to share paintings you don't like (the post above) i actually liked it. xxxx