Saturday, October 20, 2012

A last fish post

Just one more piece I’d like to tell you about for the fish exhibition – a concertina book. I showed the beginnings of it here a couple of months ago, at that point I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it. Then I remembered I had written a fish related poem years ago about fishing for the right word.

Word Angling

I’ve had my line out
over the water for days
shadows pass below

I should pack it in
this endless casting about
for something perfect

the supple rod bends
the line whirrs running away
‘careful as you go

reeling her in!’ See
such iridescent beauty!
Some words I will keep

pomegranate, brass,
some I’ll toss back with a kiss
until the next time.

This gave me the idea of looking for the striking words in some of my favourite poems. The concertina book is folded over at the bottom to create a row of pockets, there’s a luggage tag in each pocket. On the back of each luggage tag there’s a tiny envelope with a copy of one of my favourite poems, the fish on the front of the tag carry a word from the poem.

I spent a lovely week rummaging through all the poetry books on my shelf, trying to choose which poems to include. It was quite difficult – many favourites had to be left out because they were too long (big) to fit in the envelopes. These are the poems I used in the end.
Tony Harrison – Fire eater
Gwyneth Lewis – The Flaggy Shore
Andrew Motion – On the table
Nikki Giovanni – Seduction
Anne Stevenson – Poem to by daughter
Ted Hughes – Thistles

A concertina book is a simple structure – a good place to start for an inexperienced book binder! It’s good for an exhibition because you can display it open with the content visible, with a normal book you can show the cover or open at a particular page.

You can see some gorgeous tiny concertina books over onNat’s blog 'Smallest Forest', which she included in the miniatures show. She has a really great blog, always worth a look!

I've started getting ready for the xmas craft fair, which will be mid-November, so I'm as busy as ever! I can't believe we're thinking about xmas already, where does the year go? Hope you're having a great weekend!


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  2. I really like this idea and the fish motifs look great in your concertina book!