Friday, January 31, 2014

walk 2/48

We have had every kind of rain this week, drizzle and downpours, showers, squalls and storms...the monsoon is definitely here. I did squeeze in a walk on monday morning, I set off from my usual spot near nightcliff pool, but walked in the opposite direction, towards the mouth of rapid creek,

pandanus trees, and the tide a long way out.

banyan tree aerial roots

storm water meandering down the beach.

this is the second of I hope 48 walks this year, you can find out more about this project on Alison Chino's blog, her walks are in Scotland and she's taking some gorgeous photos.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bits and Pieces

It's hard to believe the school holidays are over and the kids are back at school today. We don't seem to have done very much... I guess we've been relaxing!!

I've been pottering along doing bits and pieces,

sketchbook pages

new flags in progress

playing with watercolours at my friend Alison's studio.

Now that school's back I won't be interrupted by requests for banana smoothies and cheese on I'm hoping to get my teeth into some of the projects I've been putting off!

A very kind friend has given me this beautiful book (THANKYOU NAT!)
I can't believe I've never heard of Mark Hearld before, his subject matter (parks, gardens, birds) and his techniques really resonate with me. I especially love his linocuts

and am fascinated by his collage work too. It has been making me feel nostalgic for England, one piece in particular of allotments in autumn, makes me want to go on my childhood walks past allotments to the local park in Leeds.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Take a walk

Wandering the internet I found a blog called Chino House by Alison Chino, she's set herself a walking challenge - 48 walks in a year, and has invited anyone who would like to walk too to join in by posting photos of their walks. I'm going to try this!! I do love walking - tho I suspect my 48 walks may all end up being the same one!!! Just a half hour stroll really from the Nightcliff pool

to just past the jetty, where I usually sit for a while and do a bit of drawing or writing, and then walk back again.

These photos are from the walk I took on Monday morning, after a stormy weekend the weather was a bit of everything...

I'm looking forward to seeing all the places around the world that people are taking their walks, and might inspire me to go off the beaten track!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

new years reading

I've enjoyed hopping round the internet reading other bloggers resolutions and plans for the new year. I had been feeling a bit bah humbug about it, especially as I already have a few group shows and members shows lined up this year, and feel like my plate is dangerously full.....

This post from cloth paper scissors about squeezing art into the day in 5 minute bites got me's a way to do some experimenting alongside the projects that need doing.

And Annamaria Potamiti's blog always makes me want to get back to some painting, her watercolours in this post are delicious!! I love what she's learning from her small daily painting and want to be on that kind of journey too.

So I set up a little still life and did one reasonably observed painting and 2 more imaginative variations! These are in acrylic on old book pages. Hopefully I'll be doing more in the coming weeks!

I also loved these quotes on daisy yellow blog especially the first from George Bernard Shaw, and this one at Rett Grayson's blog.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

dipping my toe in...

It's the new year, but I'm making a slow start! School holidays is not conducive to sitting down and focusing on painting, so I'm trying to do some sketchbook stuff

and some sewing. I'm embroidering over an old print on fabric that didn't work very well...trying to salvage it for something, maybe flags...

the last few days we've had record breaking hot temperatures (I'm glad to be back at work in the aircon for a couple of days a week) We did drag the kids out for a short walk in the bush at the weekend - beautiful!