Monday, November 14, 2016

It's all happening next weekend!

That little bit of sewing I showed you last month is for the Constellations theme members show, it opens this Friday at 5.30 at Tactile Arts. I made two little star theme pin cushions, and put in two of my recent flower paintings retitled - a constellation of begonias 1 and 2 - to fit the theme (a bit of a cheat).

Next weekend will be busy as it's the craft fair at the waterfront on Sunday 9am to 1pm. It will be bigger than ever, spread over more of the lawns, I'll be with Ingrid over at the wave pool side under a shady tree, I hope to see you there :)

I mentioned back in September that I'd started on an altered book. It's been progressing slowly, when I have my acrylics out I lay down a base coat, the next week I might add a bit of collage, another week do some painting.... so it can take a month for a page to be completed. Some pages I'm not happy with might need lots more layers!!! It's a really fun process and so different to the way I usually paint - on small canvases so that the painting can be completed in one sitting.

I have treated myself to an early xmas present and have signed up for Lifebook 2017. Now I'm so excited for Jan 1st to come, and a year full of art inspiration. You can find out more about it on

The weather is so hot and humid.... it makes me go even slower than usual ! I hope you're having a creative day, thanks for visiting.