Friday, March 23, 2012

The Pressure's On!!

I'm working on a couple of sewing projects and hadn't realised how long they would take, the pressure's on now that deadlines are looming. So here's a very quick sketchbook page and haiku, and hope to be back soon with a bit more to say!!
At the park trees are
the shape of an upturned boat
clouds a curled white wave.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back on the horse!

Yesterday I had another go at my painting for the Don Whyte off-cuts show, and it's getting there at last! I'm hoping to do another canvas before the end of the month when the show goes up.

Here's a close up of the embroidery piece I'm working on, it's the first time I've done couching. Nat at smallest forest blog has a great post about couching, and is doing some wonderful work for a weekly stitch challenge...check it out!!!

Here is a great quote from a poetry book I'm reading -
'After my mother, a sceptical scientist, was dragged to her first poetry reading, she said, 'I see the point of poets now. They notice things.'' (52 ways of looking at a poem by Ruth Padel)
I think that goes for artists too!

Just a quick post as I need to get out in the garden and do some weeding before they take over the whole garden.
Have a great weekend.

Friday, March 2, 2012

On my table

I seem to have lots of bits and pieces in progress and not much to show at the moment! Today I've started on a sewn piece for an exhibition that's coming up in May - a piece of work based on a poem, the exhibition will co-incide with wordstorm the writers festival. Here's a shot of work in progress!

Last Friday I started on a painting for the Don Whyte Off cuts show - an exhibition that happens every year, I've talked about it before and love to take part, but I'm struggling with painting at the moment, the canvas has been painted over twice already (and neglected this morning). This is the sketch I'm working from, and the haiku/moment that inspired it.

Four magpie geese fly
overhead a rainbow gleams
no-one to tell 'look'.

One of my haiku has been shared over on the blog 'fluxustulip' by artist Carissa Krueger, many thanks to her for her interest in my work. I came across Carissa in an interview on the Sketchbook Challenge blog. Sometimes I think I'm more interested in the creative process than the finished product, and the sketchbook is like the secret cauldron of the creative process - interviews like this one with Carissa give a little peek into another artists processes, so interesting and inspiring!

Opening next Wednesday is a survey show of Craft from across the northern territory at the Chan gallery, I'm pretty chuffed to have 2 of my mermaid dolls included, and can't wait to see the exhibition, and hopefully get to some of the workshops - especially yarn bombing!