Monday, March 21, 2016


Life has been a bit chaotic around here, as my partner has been down south for about a month looking after his Mum. So I'm in charge of all things domestic, it means I have less time to make art, and less headspace. I don't know if you've seen the Harry Potter the Weasley's house there's a magical clock, that keeps track of all the members of the family - that's what my brain is like at the moment, trying to remember who has to be where and making sure they get there on time (not to mention trying to work out what we're going to eat).

I'm supposed to be making work ready for a group show in June, but am struggling to do an occasional sketch book page at the moment... So here's a photo of a frangipani tree, a bit of a storm came through on Saturday afternoon and after it passed I took a walk down to the park, everything was a bit grey and delicate! I liked the look of the fragipani branches like lacework.

When I got home I did this little sketch of birds in the tree tops that I'd seen when I was walking, they seemed so happy after the rain calling loudly and taking off and swooping and landing in the treetops again.

And here's another storm clouds sketch in my tiny sketchbook!

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