Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So things are going along quietly, making cards, doing sketchbook work, I don't have any exhibitions lined up for this year, but soon enough there will be members shows and craft fairs, I do enjoy this time of year when I have time to dawdle and see where it takes me. I spent Sunday afternoon at the library ,enjoying the aircon, looking at some books on the renaissance and did a couple of sketches (madonna and child). For now, here are some sketchbook pages and hopefully more to show soon.


  1. Hi Kate, thanks for your comment on my blog! I enjoyed reding your post of today, sounds you're having a wonderful time :-) And I love the two sketches!! Have an inspiring and creative day!

  2. Thanks for the look in your sketchbook.
    Very interesting.
    greetings from jumie

  3. Many thanks for visiting Sylvie and Jumie, and your kind comments :)