Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random photos from my world

Usually I start the new year with a creative resolution - a project that I know will fizzle out by Easter, but at least it's a kick start to the year. This year the project has chosen itself! Too many times recently I've been out on a walk and thought I wish I'd brought my camera. So that's all, to carry my camera more often, and to use it more so that I become more comfortable with it.

I've already posted a few to my flickr photostream.

I love this stretch of rocky shore near the Nightcliff jetty. When I was a child I had a puffin book annual (1970 something). In it there were photos of authors in their favourite places - the only one I can remember now is Tove Jansson who wrote the moomintroll books, she was sitting on a big rock in an alien looking rocky landscape beside the bluest sea (I suppose it was a Norwegian fiord!). Every time I come down here it reminds me of that photo and is especially magical because of that association.

 Amazing mangrove plants!

 The monsoon has arrived at last, it looks like my wheelbarrow will be a frog pond for the next few months!
I hope all is well in your corner of the world!


  1. Cool photos! I often wish I had my camera too!

    I really like your sketchbook too.

  2. Hi Katie, thanks so much for visiting!!

  3. Lovely views, lucky you.
    Do have a go at the paste papers,I'm sure you will enjoy making them.
    Best wishes,