Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !!

I hope you've all had a happy and relaxing Christmas and New Year. It's a fairly quiet time for us - both our families are a long way away, and once the crazy shopping is over Darwin seems to wind down. A lot of people head south to family or hop over to Indonesia, Thailand, etc for holidays. We've been sleeping in, trying to keep cool, and as far as possible doing what the kids want - movies, bowling, and numerous trips to the skatepark and waterpark.

It's a time of year for looking back and forward, for making plans and resolutions. Some of the other blogs I like to drop by have been posting theirs.
Cathy Cullis has a beautiful and inspiring post on some of her plans for the year. My resolutions are ones I've made before, to draw in my journal daily, to write a draft poem a week and to work on revision. Inspired by Jesse I'm planning to start submitting my poetry again. I was feeling a bit discouraged that my plans are all the same old things that will probably fall by the wayside by June..if not Easter! But I came across this great quote by SARK "I've quit and started again and again, and I now know that starting is not better than quitting - it's just different. It's a circular dance of quitting and starting over and over again."

This time last year I went to a book binding workshop (run by Nat/smallest forest) and made a lovely leather bound journal, I used it for about 5 months and then neglected it...but the last few days I've dived back in. I'm also doing a bit of sewing, while the kids are in the pool I sit on the verandah and keep an eye on them, that's when I get time for a play at the moment!