Sunday, January 24, 2010


I treated myself to a late xmas present, a couple of books that I bought online (my first foray would you believe!) one is ' printmaking and mixed media' by Dorit Elisha. It describes various methods of printmaking without a press, I probably know this stuff already, but there's lots of colour pictures to help get me inspired!!

My first little play has been at monoprinting. A long time ago I used to do them a lot, before I had kids and when I had a proper studio I used to do a handful of monoprints each day as a loosening up exercise before painting. So it's wierd, you know how the negative voice in your head goes, ' why are you doing this, you're going backwards, this isn't anything new...' I've been trying not to worry about the finished product, just experiment.

This is a new one but is pretty typical of the work I was doing about 17 years ago.

I'm very interested in these more painterly ones, with several layers of prints.

If I get time this week I'll describe a bit of the process.

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  1. i really love the final picture. i am such a sucker for the play of a dark/black color with white and red :)