Saturday, January 9, 2010


Before I had kids I thought I was a patient person. These days I lose my temper a lot more than I'd like to admit. Often I hang onto it all day, and then lose it at shower time, when peace and quiet is almost within reach. You can be sure one of the kids just won't get in the shower, and then once they're in won't get out. (I'm gnashing my teeth just thinking about it)

Working on being patient is something I have to remind myself about often. I like the phrase 'practising patience', because of the suggestion that if I keep practising I might get there in the end...

These journal pages started with splaxhing about watercolour to let off steam after a grumpy evening, but the end result makes me think of how women used to embroider verses from the bible, an act of contemplation.


  1. part of the reason i decided not to have children is i wasn't sure i had the patience for it! parents have a rough job :)

  2. Hi Jessie, well you have the patience for doing the video poetry, I don't have any patience with technology! For the record, yesterday was my grumpiest day of the school hols...(so far!)