Tuesday, December 22, 2009

little things

Here are a couple of new cards I made over the weekend. I have treated myself to a few sheets of commercial patterned papers – I think they’re from Japan. Usually I just use my own hand-printed papers, but it’s nice to work with something different, it keeps me interested.

A new development is that I’m using some old prints that I’d put aside because they were too pale or smudgy. I was about to throw them out, but I hate to throw anything away! So I worked into them with coloured pencil and I’m very excited about the results…it’s a new little path to explore.

Sometimes it feels pointless or ridiculous to be fiddling about with scraps of paper, I tell myself I should be doing something ‘big, serious, important’…maybe if I wasn’t making cards I’d have time to do something big and important…more likely I’d sit and watch tv…big and important work is pretty daunting!

I don’t know if you can make out this photo of my latest attempt at gardening. Radish seedlings, the book I have out of the library says they’re easy to grow, shoot in 3 days (they did) ready to eat in 4 to 6 weeks (we’ll see!)


  1. I get that do somethin big thingy... But as u say it is daunting fa sure! So I too do cards, simplistic jewelry etc...
    I am working on a embroidery piece that has itz own life....
    Like ur work n blog!

  2. you make your own paper? i think that is fascinating :)

    i keep saying i am going to garden and i never get around to it!

  3. Kate, I'm so happy you commented :-)

    I want to tell you that it is not pointless or ridiculous to fiddle with scraps of paper; there is an art to it. I do it all the time. Some people call themselves scrap artists. Ha!

    Btw, you are a fabulous colorist.