Sunday, August 5, 2012

Minatures in progress

The exciting thing is that I'm painting!!
Partly inspired by selling some paintings at a craft fair - that's always encouraging.
Partly inspired by a tv documentary about Margaret Olley (1923-2011) - gorgeous footage of her holding a fistful of worn out brushes in one hand and scrubbing away at her painting with the other. One of the commentators/experts described how she painted with the piece of hardboard propped in her lap, in her lounge room surrounded by the clutter of still life subjects, that it was very domestic like embroidery! That idea of approaching it like embroidery really clicked for me, and makes it easier to get started.

I'm also spurred on by 2 group shows I'm working towards in September. One is of minatures, I've been working on some 4x4 inch canvas boards.

I'm especially pleased with this one.

The other exhibition is on the theme of fish - hopefully I'll have something to show you next week