Friday, July 27, 2012

Almost back...

Sorry for the unplanned break!!! It's been school holidays, we didn't go away, but lots of little excursions, lots of reading and a little bit of artwork. The kids have been hogging the computer...and my partner has run off with my camera since his broke down. Hopefully things will be returning to normal very soon!!
Best wishes to all.


  1. Ditto! 4 weeks is three weeks too long I reckon! I don't even get a look in at the computer until our kids are in bed asleep! They're obsessed with Moshi Monsters and Youtube walkthroughs of video games!
    My wife was calling the office if I ever got home even a minute late! I'll have to take the teachers an apple tomorrow, just to show how much I appreciate what they do!

    1. Hi David, many thanks for your comment, it's good to know it's not just my household... Youtube has a lot to answer for!!