Sunday, February 14, 2010

First painting of the year

Last time I posted, I mentionned an exhibition that's coming up that I've been struggling with. The theme is the 7 deadly sins, I've been racking my brain over the xmas holidays for some ideas for this... I did come up with a cople of things but they didn't work out.

Just when I'd resigned myself to not putting any work in this show (and with only a week until the deadline) I finally got the inspiration!!!

On the bus on the way home from work I saw a woman holding a silk fan, the shape of it reminded me of the old style hand mirrors, which ties in with 'vanity'. Here's the drawing I did in my journal.

And here's the painting. It's called 'Imperfect Reflection'.

It was one of those joyous ones that almost painted itself. Feeling ambitious now (!!!) I've started another canvas, this one is on the theme of gluttony/greed, and it's the complete opposite, I just can't get it right. I've been going back to it all weekend - to repaint this colour, change the sky, paint out those flowers... If it ever gets kind of finished I'll post a photo.

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  1. oh love the new painting! isn't it amazing what happens when you feel you are having a creative block?