Sunday, February 21, 2010

cards and confessions

Some of the less successful monoprints have been gradually finding their way onto cards - collaged, coloured with pencil, watercolour or acrylic. The better prints I'm too scared to touch and will probably moulder away on my desk for months!

One of the blogs I like to drop in on is mouse notebook, always thought provoking and her artwork is beautiful. I enjoyed this post about the difference between how we might be perceived by someone on the outside reading our blogs, and how we are in 'real life.' I'm always jealous of those blogs that have beautiful shots of their house/ studio with displays of artwork and seasonal crafts. You'll never see a photo like that on my blog... there aren't any beautiful corners in my house, just cobwebby ones, with piles of the kids junk that needs putting away!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful cards. I like your work so much

  2. i think we are all very different online than we are in real life, but that is probably not a bad thing given the stalker type activities of some people!

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