Saturday, February 6, 2010


I haven't done any art in the evenings this week - no journal pages, or cards, nothing. I've been totally sucked in by 'Australia's favourite dancer' a tv show that's been on every evening this week. First selecting their top 100 dancers and then whittling it down to 20, it's an emotional rollercoaster for the dancers and the viewers, (and the presenters milk it every inch of the way!) the dancers cry with joy or disappointment, and make me weep too...

Consequently I sat down at the verandah table on Friday morning and didn't know where to start! I listened to the radio and flicked through an art book, and eventually knuckled down and printed a little lino-cut, which I carved the week before. These will be for cards.

I also printed a sheet of collograph prints. This is more experimental printmaking inspired by the book 'Printmaking and mixed media' by Dorit Elisha. I have a vague idea to cut them up and use as backgrounds on pages of a little artists book - which I was hoping to have ready for a members show that's coming up very soon, but it's starting to look as though I won't be ready for that. Sometimes a theme and a deadline can spur me on to do something good, but sometimes it sets me in a panic and stops me from doing anything. Just another distraction...


  1. i was so sucked into "So You Think You Can Dance" a few years back but thankfully I instead just sit around with the Discovery channel now :)

  2. That might be the proper name of the can tell how carefully I've been paying attention, or maybe it's because I'm watching through a mist of tears!! We got digital tv with more stations before xmas, and our viewing habits are out of control.