Monday, February 15, 2016

Big cloud, tiny sketchbook

I've been playing around with acrylics in my sketchbooks, (and putting down base coats on some canvas boards, so hopefully something will be happening there soon!)

This little landscape sketch was inspired by a walk in my lunch break. I get very cold at work in the air-conditioning, and seized up from sitting in front of the computer, so I often go for a quick walk around the block in my lunch break. It's not picturesque it's a light industrial area with car mechanics, lock smiths, panel beaters, etc... rows and rabbit warrens of sheds, and roadsides clogged with cars waiting for repair.

So, last week I took a walk in the midday heat, the sky was blue with clouds gathering, a huge cloud formation was boiling up, like a tower block or a mountain, I don't know how to describe it - a cloud that says rain is coming. Maybe that's why I'm so interested in clouds this year, because we haven't had much rain.

Here's one I did based on one of my watercolours at the beach.

Here are the little canvas boards ready to go!!

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