Monday, January 26, 2015

Fear of mucking up

Last weekend I did a bit of playful painting on two 5x7 inch canvases. They already had the beginnings of paintings on them that I didn't like, so I worked over the top. I like how the previous layers still come through to a certain extent, adding interest to the paint surface.

The last version of what was on them sat there for a week or two because I didn't like them and decided not to go on with them. Ironically these have sat for a week untouched because I like them too much. I'm scared to work into them and muck them up!!

I've done a foam print version of each, in the hope that it will let me be more playful when I get back to the canvas with paint. I have the idea down on paper now in the foam print, and can do as many different version s as I like working over the prints. It means I don't have to be so tied to that idea when I start painting, I can let it evolve the way it wants to.

I'd love to hear any tips or tricks you use to get around that fear.


  1. One suggestion I got from Steven Aimone is:
    When you're afraid to wreck a painting MAKE BIG CHANGES. Try wiping out something you like and then go from there.

    That in itself is a bit scary but I've learned that my paintings are all that precious and big changes can make a painting shine!

    I like how you are making copies to play on. I hope that helps release the fear for you.

  2. Hi Carole, you're probably right about big changes, scary tho!