Sunday, July 28, 2013

At book group

Last month at book group we read Astray by Emma Donoghue, a book of short stories by the same author who wrote Room, which we read 18 months ago.

The book group were split right down the middle on this one, 3 of us loved it and 3 didn't!! The stories were all based on real people or events, little snippets from history. Many of the stories are about people who emigrated from England and Ireland to America, others are about journeys within America. My favourite story was about a woman who is on the boat to America with her 3 small children going to meet her husband who has been there for 2 years already. I loved that it used lines from real letters sent by the people the story was based on. I loved the structure, hearing her voice and then his, so many times mirroring each other. Each story is in the voice of one (or more) of the characters and really well done.

I read on the bus and in my lunch break and these stories were perfect for that,
to get a whole story in one sitting.

Not much happening artwise this week, here are photos of some felt birds in progress. The kids are back at school now, so next Friday I plan to get down to some painting!! Also planning to add a couple of items to my etsy shop this week.

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