Saturday, July 20, 2013

A thing or two about Matisse

One of the books in my pile of half read ones - hopefully soon to be finished - is a biography of Matisse by Hilary Spurling. He's been one of my favourite artists since I was a teenager - but reading this book it seems I didn't know anything about him at all!!
- that he had no interest in art through childhood, just a vague rebellion against going into his fathers business.
- that he discovered art when he was 20 and in hospital, the man in the next bed was painting copies of prints to pass the time, and suggested that Matisse try try the same. Matisse said "Before I had no interest in anything. I felt a great indifference to everything they made me do. From the moment I held the box of colours in my hand, I knew this was my life."
- that he had the most amazing wife, Amelie Parayre!! When he was courting her he declared "Mademoiselle I love you dearly but I shall always love painting more." It seems that she embraced this idea and supported him completely, she pawned jewellery so Matisse could buy a Cezanne painting which inspired him through his life, she opened a hat shop to support the family, so that Matisse could just paint, and she adopted Matisse's illegitimate daughter Marguerite.

I'm barely halfway through the book so I may be back with more. (And I'm hoping the library has volume 2 when I finally finish this.)

Thankyou to all the people who visited my stall last Sunday, I had a lovely day. Here are some shots of my stall.

And here are some lovely prints my daughter made!

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