Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cup of tea prints

Hi, it's great to be back online with my new computer, which is about a hundred times faster than the old dinosaur!! (My kids think they're in heaven).

Last week I spent a lovely morning chiseling a couple of new lino-cuts for cards. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy linocutting, it's quite meditative and relaxing. I've printed up a bunch on different coloured papers, and now I"m, slowly in spare moments, handcolouring with pencil.  Some just have a highlight of colour, some I get a bit more carried away with!! I'll show you some finished cards soon.

If you're in Darwin - next Saturday is the Italian Festival, it's being held on the lawns outside Parliament House. I don't know if I've been asleep or if this is the first one?! I haven't been to it before, but will be singing at this one. A group from the Darwin Chorale are joining a group of Italian ladies to sing some Italian songs - O Sole Mio and Quando quando, are ones you might know. We'll be onstage around 6.30, there'll be lots of other entertainment through the afternoon and evening and I'm sure there'll be wonderful food!!

Happy Mother's Day, and have a great week.

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