Friday, January 20, 2012

Happiness Flags

Between xmas and new year I dragged out my neglected sewing machine and made some 'prayer flags'. I'd been thinking about it for a while (I have 2 sets made by lovely Marita, in my lounge room and they make me happy!!) Then a friend have me an xmas present wrapped in a lovely yellow gold fabric, and I thought it would be funny to make something with the fabric that I could give back to her.

I used some of my old lino cuts that I've used before for card making. I gave a set to my friend and have a couple of sets for my stall at the next craft fair. I am still not really friends with my sewing machine, it takes a fair amount of swearing to do even the simple straight sewing involved in this project!

I've just been for a couple of days away with my family in Kakadu. It's still school hols here. In some ways it's not a great time to go to Kakadu as it's the wet season and large areas of the park are closed because the water is over the roads and crocodiles are roaming. But it's also a lovely time to go because everything is so green, accomodation is cheap and we practically had the whole place to ourselves!! I'm keeping up with a haiku (or something like it) most days, here are a couple from last week.

Native ginger blooms
in the shade of ancient rocks
wet season treasure

(this one about my daughter)

she lies on my bed
singing a song from the charts
milkshake round her chin.

Some People Catch Fish

People running
to catch the bright red sun
with their cameras.


  1. These are lovely Kate .........x

  2. What a lovely pairing of poems and art :)

  3. Kate, I'm putting your flags on The Prayer Flag blog on March 9. I adore them!

    1. Hi Jane, that's so exciting, thanks for coming to look! I can't wait to see your article in cloth paper scissors, tho it will probably be another month or so before it arrives in the shops in Australia! Best wishes.

  4. your haiku put a smile on my face, thank you, hugs!