Friday, November 4, 2011

Sirens opening tonight!!

The mermaid exhibition opens tonight at DVAA, I haven't seen it in all it's glory but I hear it is jam packed!! Wonderful Nat has an exhibition of paintings in the smaller gallery and I can't wait to see those too.

I only managed to produce this canvas in time for the show.

It was supposed to be a year of tackling big canvases (bigger than 5x7"!!) - a resolution I made early on in the year, which only seems to have stalled my painting completely...

In other news I have joined a book group at my local library. The first book we had to read was The Road by Cormack McCarthy which has about 6 pages of rave reviews at the start. The writing is beautiful, but the story is incredibly bleak, I had to keep putting it aside because I was too worried about the characters! I probably wouldn't have stuck at it to the end if it wasn't for the book group. If you've read it and loved it I'd love to hear why!

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  1. your work is lovely as always kate ...and I sympathise about the creative block soon as i set myself a challenge in my work a MASSIVE wall come down around me and I cannot get through it for ages .......x