Friday, October 28, 2011

Hot off the press

I've been madly chiselling all week, this lino-cut.

Which is based on this sketchbook gouache.

The mermaid theme is because I'm part of the Sirens exhibition at DVAA that opens next Friday.
The text reads -she considers joining the mermaids - it's about yearning to be something you're not; about being part of something or excluded from it. About longing for a mermaids tail while failing to notice how comfortable you are in the company of birds...

Did you catch the art show on ABC1 Tuesday night? There was a great interview with British artist Tracey Emin. I'd heard of her but couldn't have described her artwork before this!! (which involves sewing and installation work, confessional and considered provocative I think) What I loved was how passionately she talked about her work, in a way that was accessible not full of impenetrable art language! It made me feel pretty excited about art making, and sad that I'm so out of touch with what's going on out there in the world! May be you can catch it online.

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  1. kate this is fab as always .can you email me your address I have your purse ready to send ........i am really embarrassed that its taken me so long to send it ....dont know whats up with me ....artymess(at)yahoo(dot)com.....