Thursday, April 7, 2011

pad day 6 - Don't ......

If you just dropped by and wonder where the paintings are, it's poetry month and I'm attempting to write to the prompts at the poetic asides blog. This is my effort for day six.

Don't look down

Eating dinner at the wharf
everyone fights for the tables by the water
while we sit the next row back.
I couldn't comfortably spoon my Tom Kha
with that gap yawning at my side
I'd have to hang onto the kids wrists
so they didn't slide into the abyss.

After dinner they take their left over chips
to feed the seagulls or fish
with their Dad as escort
while I study the food on my plate
and look the other way.
I don't think I'm scared of heights
just the magnetism of that edge.

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