Monday, April 4, 2011

pad day 3 - a world without me

This one was like pulling teeth!!

Without me

The washing would pile up
the kids would scrabble for
school uniforms, but maybe
someone else would do one mammoth
wash a week, instead of everyday.

Without me
the dishwasher would get stacked
higgledy-piggledy and no-one would complain,
someone else would have to nag the kids
about their homework
or forget about it
the world wouldn't end.

I imagine a quiet place
a jewelled garden in a Persian miniature
a place to sit in peace,
while they sort themselves out
and then I'll come back.


  1. would love to sit in a persian minature garden ...what a wonderful thought.....Kate I still haven't put your purse in the post my exhibition is sorted out I will get myself together ...I have actually made it ........xx

  2. Hi Lorna, I've been very disorganised too, so no rush. I keep waiting for a quiet week but there's no such thing!! Best wishes xx