Thursday, October 1, 2009

Definitely not green thumbs

'Cat in the garden' 5"x7"

'garden at night' 5"x7"

My first two paintings for the craft fair are of gardens.

Gardening is on my mind at the moment, I guess it's because of global warming and the push for people to grow at least some of their veggies. I've been having a try but without much success, my seeds don't grow, and the ones that do look limp and pathetic, and have to survive stray tennis balls etc from the kids.

Down here in the southern hemisphere it's spring, but in Darwin it's the beginning of the steamy build up, soon it'll be the wet season and everything will be battered by storms.

The one thing that grows like crazy is basil. I have to find some other plants that are unkillable!


  1. Hi Kate, have enjoyed this visit to your blog and really like your quirky and colourful paintings. Best wishes. Lesley