Saturday, September 26, 2009

lots of little prints

This was what I got up to yesterday (that's our dinner table!) I use these little prints to collage and make cards, like this.
It's a really quick and easy print technique using a styrofoam sheet (you can buy art-foam or recycle packaging foam sheets). Draw into it with a pencil, print up using a foam roller and acrylic paint with a drop of retarder. It has it's limitations, you can't get a fine or very varied line, but it's fast and fun!

In the photo you can also see 2 tiny orange canvases which I've printed onto too. For me a blank canvas is daunting and not very inspiring, so I have to mess it up a bit first. I'm starting on some little canvases ready for a craft fair at the end of November - more on that soon!

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