Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lifebook week 24 plus the joys of job hunting

At last I've got my art space organised and jumped back into lifebook. The week 24 lesson was with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I couldn't bear to put down in black and white the bad stuff, so I wrote down positive words about the great job I'm going to get soon! Then it was a matter of doodling to turn the letter shapes into flowers, leaves and butterflies. I worked in acrylics but probably would have done better with watercolour or gouache.

I have also jumped back into looking for work. I've discovered that job hunting in the 21st century is a whole new ball game. Most jobs are advertised and have to be applied for online, even jobs I've seen in shop windows still have to be applied for online. After that you get an automated email to say they got your application, and then you never hear from them again unless you're one of the lucky ones who's shortlisted for interview.

It's discouraging to apply for jobs everyday and not hear back anything. I was told about a company up here who advertised for a receptionist and had over 100 applicants, so competition is fierce! I'm lucky that I've had some bits of casual work - which is good for my morale - and might be a better way of advertising my skills than sending out my resume!

In the meantime I've been busy adding a few new cards to my etsy shop, and getting ready for the next craft fair which is at a new location this year - on the Esplanade in Darwin city, on Sun 9th July.


  1. Loving your garden Kate! There are lots of repeating elements in it, which tie them nicely together. You're so right - it may have been better to write down some positive things instead of focusing on the negative. Somehow, I can still see the negative words in mine! Don't even get me started on job hunting! It is so hard - especially once you've reached a certain age. And not getting back or acknowledging your application seems to be the industry standard. I've even had interviews where they didn't get back. Make sure you don't let this affect your self-confidence. It's not you - it's just the way it is. Hope something comes along at the right time for both of us!

  2. Hi Zsuzsa, would you believe, the day after I posted this I got a call from one of the job applications I'd given up on!! I have an interview next week, so fingers crossed.