Monday, January 30, 2017

Dancing girls - a concertina book in progress

My last few posts have been about lifebook 2017, but I'm also trying to get some work done for a group exhibition I'll be taking part in in April.

Here is one of my works in progress, which will hopefully become a small concertina book

The first two pages finished.

Two more girls in progress.

Some backgrounds.

When I  started out I was thinking of those paper dolls you cut out of folded paper and they open out like a chain all holding hands. I was also thinking about paper dolls with paper outfits that we played with as kids. Once the pages are done I still have to work out what will go on the back and how to make the covers, so there's still a way to go!!

I took a break from lifebook this week as the lesson didn't appeal to me, each leson is separate so you can do as many or few as you like - it's nice not to feel that pressure to do it all.

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