Monday, April 6, 2015

I hope you've had a wonderful long weekend!

Here are a few shots from my studio - a bench on the veranda - there's a still life painting in progress. I've used cut out paper shapes of the plant pot and vase to play around with the composition. It's kind of an imaginary still life, but I did bring a plant in from the garden and a vase from the kitchen for reference.

The painting is for the Don Whyte Framing offcuts show. It's an annual fundraising exhibition which I try to get involved with -tho I blew it last year! If you're in Darwin it opens next Saturday and is always a buying frenzy!! There's a great write up about it here.

Here's a shot of the painting in progress, and the finished work, below.


  1. Hi Kate
    Love your painting and how you have shared the process. I hope it sells at the show. I read the article you mentioned, talk about turning things around from a mistake! Thanks for the etsy message. It is hotting up here, daffodils everywhere. Best wishes Joanne

  2. Hi Joanne, many thanks for visiting - I was feeling too lazy on Saturday night and didn't make it to the opening so will have to duck down there in my lunch break.
    Must be lovely to see some signs of spring, here the humidity is dropping so it's feeling a bit cooler, thank goodness!
    best wishes :)