Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am still getting nowhere fast with painting. So here are some drawings from recent visits to my friend Alison's studio. Often we do a lot of talking and tea drinking and not much art making - just a couple of quick line drawings and then time to go home! If nothing else I'll draw the tea things!

Last time my daughter came too so I did some sketches of her (not a great likeness!)

Last Monday I caught an exhibition of lino-prints (the day after it closed) at Framed Gallery. One artist had already packed up, but Anna Curtis's prints were gorgeous, exciting to see her new still lifes. And fascinating to see Margaret Lees work using lino but an intaglio method rather than relief print, lots of layers gave a result similar to etching but maybe softer. Very beautiful.

Inspired by those and glad to take a break from the frustrations of painting I've started chiselling a lino, here is a corner of it still in progress.

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