Saturday, March 22, 2014

Books by my bed

I wonder what you're reading? I never have just one book on the go but a whole pile. To read at work I need something light - to fit in my bag, and easy to pick up and put down in my lunch break. At the moment it's one of the No 1 ladies detective agency books, 'The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party' by Alexander McCall Smith. 

At  the weekends I'm dipping into the 2nd volume of the biography of Matisse - 'Matisse the Master' by Hilary Spurling. I just read a few pages at a time and am savoring being in Paris and Morocco in the early years of the 20th century and looking over Matisse's shoulder as he paints!

I'm also reading 'The Poetry Home Repair Manual' by Ted Kooser, a book about writing poetry which I'm hoping will reignite my passion. 11 years ago when my twins were babies and there was no time to paint I fell in love with poetry, something that could be squeezed into tiny breaks in the day. In the last few years it's been very neglected and I'd like to get back to reading poetry if nothing else. Look it's working already know how I'm inspired by glimpses of birds in every day life... come and read this great bird poem 'Hardware Sparrows' by R T Smith.

I'm also reading the latest Dumbo Feather magazine, this edition is all interviews with refugees and asylum seeker advocates - while I choose not to debate politics in this blog, I think it's important reading for Australians, a different viewpoint from the one you'll see in the mainstream media, a call for compassion. (Darwinites - let me know if you want to borrow my copy when I'm finished with it)

Well I can't do a post without any pictures, so here are some new monoprint collage cards.


  1. Hi Kate, I'm away all this coming week (see blog to see
    where etc.) and plan to visit the Salt Spring library because the weather forecast is for rain, rain, rain. Love your cards. Happy week to you.

    1. Oh I hope it doesn't rain the whole time!! tho any excuse to explore a library! Have a great break :)