Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ups and downs

The weekend of celebrations at DVAA was wonderful - well done the current committee, admin and volunteers for creating events that were so inclusive and joyful!! The opening was complete with giant chocolate birthday cake, the art fair was relaxing, so lovely hanging out on the verandahs there chatting to other artists. It's exciting to hear that the exhibition will go on to show in Katherine in the new year.

This weekend (just gone) should have been the xmas craft fair at Tactile Arts but it had to be cancelled because of an approaching cyclone which brought not much wind (fortunately) but torrential rain. How disappointing!!! I must admit I was crabby all weekend because of it. Now we are just waiting to hear if the craft fair will be re-scheduled, there isn't much time left between now and xmas, and so many other things happening it could be hard to squeeze in... if the worst comes to the worst it means I have plenty of stock ready for craft fairs next year and can get down to some painting!!! (no excuses) Which is what I did yesterday, I worked back into this one which has been waiting on the shelf for months.

And this imaginary still life.

Hope your week has more ups than downs.

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  1. Your picture bring me the spring .. yeahhh
    Now it is very cold here in Germany and the first snowflakes falling . I love your colors.
    from jumie : )