Sunday, June 16, 2013

Friday painting, and a little rave on drawing

Here's a peek at the verandah table on Friday morning with a painting in progress. I have lots of books and sketchbooks open to get my visual juice flowing! (Matisse and Gauguin keeping me company this week) Notice our ginger cat hanging out with me, he showed up in this week's painting too!

The next members show at Tactile Arts has the them of çurrent'. I wanted to do a still life with lamp inspired by Picasso's amazing lino-cut...then I got caught up with the idea of a lava lamp.

A quick charcoal sketch to think about composition.

The painting in progress.

And finished I think! It's very grey!!! and I think the composition is odd with that strong line cutting through the middle dividing what's on the table and the cat under it.

Here's something from my notebook about drawing -
Last night I did a couple of little drawings, but nothing good. Everything doesn't have to be finished and perfect and ready to photograph and put on flickr (!) There can be drawings that are ugly or a dead end, drawings that are feeling a way towards an idea but not necessarily there yet, drawings that tell me I need to do more drawing!! There are drawings that are a careful study of something real and drawings that are an open-ended digging to unearth who knows what! Drawings which are just play. What I know is I need to do more of all of these...

If you're in Darwin don't miss the exhibition Évery Picture Tells A Story' by Sandra Kendall at Tactile Arts. It brings together all her illustration work (for 5 children's books I think) a really beautiful and impressive collection.

I've been pottering in the garden now, it's the cool dry season, hope to show you some photos of that next time.

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