Saturday, April 20, 2013

April is flying

April is flying past, weeks ago I'd planned to write something about poetry month. April is poetry month in the US, or anywhere in the world you can get online!There is a poem a day challenge here, and you can read a poem a day here, but I've barely had time to look at these - I've been busy with choir (a little concert last Saturday) and I'm busy making cards, flags and fridge magnets for a craft fair at the end of the month.

I managed to squeeze in time for one little painting for Don Whyte's wonderful (fundraising) Off-Cuts Show. Here are some photos of the painting in progress.

I lliked it a lot at this stage!

Almost finished!
I'm reading two books at once - 'The hare with amber eyes' a memoir by Edmund De Waal, I heard him interviewed on the radio a  couple of months ago and it made me cry!! so the book has been on my to read list ever since. Also reading 'Mindset' by Carole Dweck (psychology, which is blowing the cobwebs off the old brain!)

The mornings are getting cooler - here comes autumn that feels like spring!! Time to get oustide and tackle the weeds and plant some tomatoes.


  1. Good luck for the craft fair, i have also in May
    craft fair here in Germay,Saxony....i working also busy...
    jumie :)

  2. Hi Jumie, many thanks for dropping by, good luck with the craft fair!! I have everything packed and just have to get there in the morning!