Saturday, March 16, 2013

bus drawings

I have been inspired by Maureen Nathan over on flickr, to do some drawings on the bus. Her drawings are wonderful so do take a look, here here, and here. My bus ride is only 10 minutes, but the drawings only take a minute or so! I made myself a tiny sketchbook about  2 inch square, from scrap cardboard and junkmail faxes we get at work (for coffee machines and overseas holidays! blank on one side).

I draw with a biro, sometimes the vibrations of the bus leave a wobbly line. I try to hide the book in the top of my bag so people can't see what I'm doing!!

It has reminded me that I always meant to make a zine about travelling on the bus - I have heaps of bus poems - I should go and dig them out.

My big canvas is progressing slowly with things being painted in and painted out again! I hope to show you some of that next time.


  1. thank you for the mention Kate. your bus drawings are so lively, I really like them. did you draw them blind or looking? no matter really, all the info is there and delightful!

    1. Hi Maureen, they are kind of blind drawings tho I do cheat a little!! It's great to discover you have a blog too.
      best wishes