Sunday, December 16, 2012

Don't give up!!

A month ago I was ready to throw this plant away. We got it last christmas (a curry plant, you have to keep it in a pot or it will run rampant across the neighbourhood! mine was not rampant!). I don't think it grew a new leaf all year, the leaves it had looked sickly. I did everything I should - plenty of sun and regular water. A couple of weeks ago the last leaves fell off leaving a bare stick in the pot. Well, that's that - I thought. A few days later I was amazed to see a ring of bright green feathery leaves emerging - a tiny miracle.

I don't have green thumbs, half the things I plant don't survive, but there are enough surprises - like the rebirth of the curry plant and like this red flowering plant that's come up in my veggie patch - to keep me interested.

Oh, and the pineapples are pretty good too. This was the first one of the season, not much bigger than an orange but very sweet!!

Hope your xmas preparations are going well, school is over for the year so the kids are getting excited, I still have a week of work to go..

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