Monday, January 3, 2011

Haiku New Year

At midnight fireworks explode
dogs bark then settle
geese pass honking overhead.

Around the dinner table
kids ride their scooters
outside rain is still falling.

Happy coincidence!! a few days ago I rediscovered Watermark a poetry blog by Sharon Brogan. It used to be on my favourites list, but got lost in one of the computer crashes of 2010! She is welcoming in the new year with haiku and anyone can contribute via comments at watermark blog.

As promised here's a random snapshot from one of my walks. Where rapid creek meets the sea, storm clouds are brewing.


  1. Very nice haiku.
    I will visit that blog, and I certainly do like your fox figure.

  2. Guzzling juicy pineapples from the front yard! Sounds wonderful. We are hearing bad news from Australia at the moment so I hope you are nowhere near the floods.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.