Friday, October 29, 2010

Bird Sculptures

When I'm at an exhibition I trip over the sculptures because I'm so busy looking at the paintings - this is an old joke of mine, but not too far from the truth!

So it's quite amazing that my latest creations are 3-D. Remember back in August I was trying to play with new materials and made some clay birds and hearts? I was partly inspired by the bird house sculptures by Sue Pelletier in Cloth Paper Scissors, and partly because I've been painting birds and making felt birds and fridge magnets, it's another way of exploring that theme.

I wanted to combine them with wooden bases, and by amazing co-incidence found some lovely bits of wood on the roadside on my walk to work over the last month! I bought a roll of wire, I painted the clay pieces and glued scraps of fabric to the hearts. Everything was there but nothing was happening...

Then I realised I needed some work for the Territory Craft Xmas Exhibition - this gave me the push I needed to get moving and bring all the elements together....after being quite tentative (and grumpy) about the early stages it was great fun, and I'm already playing with making more of these!

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend, hopefully with a bit of time for art making - this is the time of year when the kids get in the pool and I can have an hour's peace keeping an eye on them and doing a bit of sewing at the same time. Right now the thunder is rumbling and we might be in for a storm with any luck!

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