Saturday, March 13, 2010

Craft Fair coming

I knew there was a craft fair coming, but still it manages to creep up on me. Only a month to go, and I have heaps of work to do. I've started on a batch of little paintings, 4 inch square and 5" by 7" mostly. I think of these as 'not serious work', but it's really interesting to work fast like this, take inspiration from anywhere - images in magazines, old sketchbooks, half remembered paintings - and let one painting suggest what to do for the next. Some turn out great, some don't! (Sometimes I'm surprised about which ones sell and which don't...)

On the writing front I did send out a poem for Feb, but didn't feel like mentioning it as I hadn't written anything all month. At last - after a couple of false starts - I have a new poem underway about a blind man I saw getting on the bus. ( Hooray for catching the bus!!! half my inspiration seems to come from there.) The experience also reminded me of a great poem by Denise Levertov, 'A Solitude' - about seeing a blind man on a train, of being able to gaze at him because he doesn't know he's being watched, and then helping him through the station; her feeling of him being closed off in his own world. Unfortunately I can't find it on the net to link to, but check it out if you can. If I'm sounding very knowledgeable here, don't be fooled. I loved poetry at school and as a student, but then didn't read any for 10 years or more, and only started again in the last 5 years or so - reading it and writing it have come along hand in hand. I have a couple of huge anthologies that I'm slowly dipping in and out of, finding poems that I love, and poets that I'd like to read more of one day!

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  1. i just watched a vid of someone reading a denise levetrov poem. wish i could ride the bus